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que lastima, estaba pensando en publicar una copia de seguridad de un video y como con #friendica se puede subir .webm's ..

Cual es la razon, que no te convencio de #friendica?

@Seline Engel Falls Du die beiden Netzwerke vergleichen möchtest, empfehle ich auch ein #NeuHier mit dem anderen Account.

Ergebnis könnte sein, dass Du feststellst, dass Du neben #Friendica und #Diaspora auch noch andere Netzwerke erreichst - wie beispielsweise #Mastodon.

Dort gibt es ebenso interessante Leute kennen zu lernen und siehst mehr von der #Föderation.

@tom79 @andstatus Ok, I'm lost trying to debug why my #friendica installation throws 501 Not Implemented. Can someone give me a pointer which API entry points #fedilab uses here? Connecting seems to work here.

@tom79 Well, I can't connect to the #friendica instance using #fedilab. Should this be possible? "Just" trying to add this as a new account didn't work, so far.

#fediverse integration of #friendica surely *does* seem to move on. Now if I only manage to find a meaningful mobile client for that... @Tusky ? @tom79 ? 🙂

I released the version 1.76.0 #Fedilab

What's new:

- Featured hashtags for profiles (Mastodon)
- Private timeline with conversations for #Friendica
- Improve the import/export feature
- Improve the custom sharing feature
- Friendica: Replace favourites with likes
- Fix a crash when mentioning a message

Don't hesitate to submit your #Peertube, #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #Friendica instances with tags to @fedvice

The more instances it will know, better will be its suggestions

It understands some words. You can ping it with "help" for more info

The idea is to use it with #Fedilab for suggesting instances with the follow instances feature

Results are ordered with matches

The source code is here

Thanks for sharing or submitting your ideas

In the next release, #Friendica users will have the private timeline (with conversations) and will be able to reply to their private messages.

Also, favourites will be changed with likes that seem more appropriated.


Hello @tom79. I am trying to publish first post to my #Friendica account, but the #Fedilab does not let me do that. Is there something wrong with my config or maybe the Friendica instance itself?

Hey Friendica users!

The android app Fedilab now supports Friendica accounts:

It's available from @fdroidorg and Google Play.

You can follow Fedilab on here at @tom79

Fedilab also supports Mastodon, Pleroma and PeerTube accounts. You can manage many accounts at once from the same app.

#Friendica #Fedilab #Fediverse

I published the release 1.75.0

What's new :

- Groups for #GNUSocial
- Conversation threads for #Friendica & GNU Social
- Change Peertube video format from other social networks
- Counters are clickable for reblog/fav to handle the click easily
- Toot button changed for Pleroma/GNU/Friendica
- Improvement of the custom share feature


- Media not working with GNU and Friendica
- Usernames & names reversed for GNU & Friendica


Wow! Fedilab (formerly known as Mastalab) now works nearly perfect with Friendica!! Good job!! 👍👍👍

#friendica #fediverse #mastalab #fedilab #Android


Fediverse Pod Finder

Here's a useful Fediverse pod stats site that provides data for various instances, which can be sliced & diced in several ways including: software running (i.e., Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, and more), services offered (e.g., publish to Atom, Twitter, Wordpress, etc.), host country, language, uptime, latency, number of users, etc.

#fediverse #federated #socialnetwork #pods #diaspora #hubzilla #friendica

@harishpillay Is it rebranded Diaspora or a new project? I think I'm gonna stick with #Mastodon. From the rest I like #Friendica which adds features on the top of just posting messages.

Reminder to myself: Follow Aardwolf ... #rust should be better than #friendica in #php



Observation (of course biased as only based on what I see): Nordic and/or conservative folks tend to prefer #weme. More liberal folks prefer #pluspora. The more geeky crowd (and those I remember from old are on #mastodon or #friendica.

I am NOT saying this to provoke a discussion, it's just me observing where people show up again.

Any good links on how to setup #friendica with the docker container?

Seems like mail is not working and the main page always display "page not found"