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[ES]#error: #Fedilab en su version 2.30 sigue sin funcionar con #tor y la direccion #onion de iejidevtqqdlukju.onion
He intentado con #orbot y #socks y tb con 8118 (y tb he intentado con la funcion #VPN, pero sin exito)

[EN]Fedilab version 2.30 doesnt work with orbot (Tor) for me. I tried first with default port 8118 and socks and second with port 9050 and later with the VPN-Function of orbot, but the same result: Error. What I do wronght?

#problem #question

Finally got around to creating the #fedilab issue for a giant annoyance that eats up over half my daily fediverse reading time:

I continue to be amazed at how many people assume 'reversed chronological' is the best sorting method for social media. I get wanting to know what's going on right now, but I want to read my timeline like a webcomic, not a firehose I dip into randomly without context. Firehoses are for twitter.

Je prépare un beau voyage ! En attendant, merci à @tom79 de mettre à disposition cet espace et surtout son application #android #fedilab !

Yesterday, I updated to the last version of #Fedilab and tried to configure my account of iejidevtqqdlukju.onion but I got the error message: It cant get client-identification.

Later I deleted all (stored data, app, etc) and re-installed Fedilab and I tried again one time to configure it, but I got the same error.

#question #tor #onion #error #ask #configuration #start

#fedilab has been barely working the last few days on my phone, takes ages to load toots' text, you can forget about most avatars and any pictures or will have to wait for a long time, notifications are random, it is completely unusable really. Even battery drain seems to be higher…

Anyone else having similar troubles?

I exported all my #Fedilab datas, uninstalled the Google Play app, reinstalled from @fdroidorg, imported my datas back and in a second all my accounts were back and perfectly working! That's amazing!,

Thank you a lot @tom79 to force me to switch, I also replaced many of my proprietary apps with FOSS alternatives and I'm fully satisfied! And thanks to #Fdroid community for this great tool!

#FOSSispoetry #FOSSdoesitbetter

#fedilab from @tom79 still 1.81.3 on F-Droid... while 2.0.3. on gogle play(paid version).

P.S. Still feel sad about free version on GooglePlay 😔

Depuis la dernière mise a jour #fedilab,l'icone a disparu sauf que l'appli se trouve et lance depuis les paramètres. Alors qu'avec #tutanota je ne trouve même pas l'appli

Une petite question sur #fedilab @tom79 : quand je regarde une image en pleine écran, le bas est recouvert par la barre de navigation Android. C'est possible de dézoomer l'image pour voir le bas ?

Je suis sur lineageos 16.0

I dont get this button in #fedilab. What is its purpose? No option in there works or I am just doing it wrong... #help

Tiens, c'est bizarre, quand @r3vlibre repouette, son boost s'affiche toujours en followers only dans ma TL avec #fedilab

Déjà, je trouvais ça étrange, mais je viens de m'apercevoir qu'il n'y a personne d'autre qui fait ça.

ok, to anyone with the same problem with #fedilab, @tom79 (the best!) helped me isolate it and find a temporary solution. it seems the bug is somewhere in the "direct messages" tab.

solution: you go in offline mode (no wifi, no data), open the app, go to "reorder timelines" and hide the dm tab, which in my case is redundant since I don't use dms a lot and they show up in the mentions anyway. worked for me ✌🏼✌🏼

just got the #fedilab update from the playstore and now it crashes when I start it. I deleted the app cache, same result @tom79

Since the recent update of #Fedilab the federated timeline is back - I had removed it. I can't figure out how to do it again. Was that option removed or am I dumb?

Tiens un appui long sur une image dans #Fedilab ça enregistre ladite image.

Hmm, while the [new]label on #Fedilab is nice, it disappearing as soon as I click on the favourite button, causes an #UX annoyance as that shifts the buttons one to the left again.
So, instead of tapping 'favourite' followed by 'boost', I ended up unfavouriting it again instead.
Maybe put the [New]label on the right side perhaps?

@Gargron i accidentally removed some lists from #fedilab and now i can't remove the columns 😕 what can i do?

Wondering, in #fedilab there is a 'whom to follow' option, how is that generated?

Wondering, in #fedilab there is a 'whom to follow' option, how is that generated?

My main challenge with #mastodon is discoverability. Fortunately #fedilab allows you to add local timelines of other instances as tabs. Really handy.

Any way to sort the timeline "backwards" on #Fedilab?

I mean, the older posts on top, and the new ones at the bottom. Like a chat.

Because, some long posts that get cut (1/2, 2/2) are easier to read from top to bottom.

Also, some replies to another toots or people threating their instances like a group chat are easier to read that way too.

Just asking, btw, is not a big deal.

@mastalab @tom79

Is there a way to follow not only #prismo accounts on but the entire instance from #fedilab (like one can follow a Mastodon instance)? @tom79 @prismo

This #toot has been scheduled and published thanks to @fdroidorg 's recent upgrade from #Mastalab to #Fedilab. You can even #schedule #boosts now ❤

This is a big step in user experience, thank you very much @tom79 ! I just donated you some Euros for this to help you keep the good work going.

#mastodon #fdroid #ux #gdroid

Will #fedilab support #pixelfed login soon? @tom79

Everytime a new #fedilab release is available: I *test* it *crash* 😑

And I want to open a bug report but I always forget about it.

For some time, #fedilab will not update my notices when trying a manual refresh. Only after killing the app i will get see new updates

I released the version 1.76.0 #Fedilab

What's new:

- Featured hashtags for profiles (Mastodon)
- Private timeline with conversations for #Friendica
- Improve the import/export feature
- Improve the custom sharing feature
- Friendica: Replace favourites with likes
- Fix a crash when mentioning a message

Import/Export feature will work properly in the next release. That will allow you to transfer your data on another device without losing a single data.


The next release will have hashtag filter for profiles (Mastodon).


Don't hesitate to submit your #Peertube, #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #Friendica instances with tags to @fedvice

The more instances it will know, better will be its suggestions

It understands some words. You can ping it with "help" for more info

The idea is to use it with #Fedilab for suggesting instances with the follow instances feature

Results are ordered with matches

The source code is here

Thanks for sharing or submitting your ideas

I want to use it for suggesting instances with the follow instance feature in #Fedilab.

In the next release, #Friendica users will have the private timeline (with conversations) and will be able to reply to their private messages.

Also, favourites will be changed with likes that seem more appropriated.


I will switch back from #Fedilab to #Tusky as android app.

Fedilab does not feel like a usable client. The last nail was how the android "back" button was handled. Instead of going one navigation layer up it instead always moves back to timeline. That's against the android design guidelines

Now the bot @fedvice will suggest instances when mentioning it with tags only. If you want to submit instances, just add them 😀 #Fedilab

Isn't it time #mastodon and #fedilab changed the self-centered terminology of "follow" and "followers" ?
"Oh, me, king in the castle, and you my followers."
. . .
I'll try to come up with a few alternatives, but I hope others can do a better job...
. . .
fellows - fellowship
friends - friendship (maybe insincere ?)
co travellers
co-travellers as in a ship?
acquaintances (i would like to make your acquaintance, please)
companieros (doesn't even have to be English)
co-worker (maybe, not general enough, too specific ? )
buddies (too close, not true?)
. . .
A deeper understanding of English would be helpful, here.
. . .
We could say "I follow this subject", like "I follow the news on...".
But, "I follow you", "You follow me" 🤮
#brainstorming ⛈️

Bon, au début je n'aimais pas trop l'interface de Fédilab, mais finalement je vais bien tester.
Par contre, je n'arrive pas à me connecter à pixelfed, ce n'est pas encore activé, ou c'est l'api de pixelfed qui n'est pas prêt ?
Si quelqu'un sait.. merci de me répondre ! 🙂
#fedilab #pixelfed #hastag

I published the release 1.75.0

What's new :

- Groups for #GNUSocial
- Conversation threads for #Friendica & GNU Social
- Change Peertube video format from other social networks
- Counters are clickable for reblog/fav to handle the click easily
- Toot button changed for Pleroma/GNU/Friendica
- Improvement of the custom share feature


- Media not working with GNU and Friendica
- Usernames & names reversed for GNU & Friendica


Wow! Fedilab (formerly known as Mastalab) now works nearly perfect with Friendica!! Good job!! 👍👍👍

#friendica #fediverse #mastalab #fedilab #Android