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I've just noticed that:
* the developer of #Tusky sponsors #Fedilab on Open Collective
* #Pleroma is a sponsor of #Mastodon

and makes me happy.

@matt i thought this is a #tusky feature only. is it available in mastodon web app, too?

@vertigo I switched to #Tusky recently: less features, but also less misfeatures 😀

For #Tusky 8 I will finally implement animated avatars

Tried to implement the blurhash feature in #Tusky, only managed to murder performance and get a single color out of it. Did you try it already @tom79?

Petit troll :

- #Fedilab, c'est le #KDE des clients Mastodon.
- #Tusky, c'est le #GNOME.


Can you save hashtags or searches for easy access in any Mastodon mobile apps? Tusky? Mastalab? Would be super useful.

#mastodon #tusky #Mastalab #OpenSource

I will switch back from #Fedilab to #Tusky as android app.

Fedilab does not feel like a usable client. The last nail was how the android "back" button was handled. Instead of going one navigation layer up it instead always moves back to timeline. That's against the android design guidelines

Thank you, everyone, for your comments about #Android clients for #Mastodon. I picked #Tusky, mainly due to the feel and snappiness of the UI. It also looks similar to #Twitter client which I like. I hope it will have the control panel at the bottom just like #Twitter client one day.

@sesivany I chose #Mastalab because it has more interesting settings and interface looks a bit better than #Tusky.

@sesivany I tried both briefly and chose #Tusky because it felt much snappier than #Mastalab. I haven't looked in detail though; both looked the same to me and do what I needed them to.

Choosing a client for #Android: #Mastalab or #Tusky? They look similar, but Tusky seems to have a more polished UI. What do you use?