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My rust kernel can now execute a Hello World glibc Linux static elf binary.


# # @Rust Language

I published the release 1.75.0

What's new :

- Groups for #GNUSocial
- Conversation threads for #Friendica & GNU Social
- Change Peertube video format from other social networks
- Counters are clickable for reblog/fav to handle the click easily
- Toot button changed for Pleroma/GNU/Friendica
- Improvement of the custom share feature


- Media not working with GNU and Friendica
- Usernames & names reversed for GNU & Friendica


Trying to fix rust std::fs::copy()…
#rust #rustlang @rustlang

Programmatic remote access to Podman via the varlink protocol…

#podman #varlink

dd vs sendfile with 1.8GB and "echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"

dd bs=512 conv=fsync : 53 MB/s
dd bs=4k conv=fsync : 228 MB/s
dd bs=1M conv=fsync : 229 MB/s

sendfile: 226 MB/s

#linux #dd #sendfile #shell

The operating system’s memory page size is by default 4096 bytes. Using a block size smaller than this and you’re won’t be using the unit page used for byte coping to it’s full potential, and therefore wasting clock cycles between IO system calls.

Turned on squashfs compression for FedoraBook. I was afraid, that with compression enabled, xdelta would not produce small deltas. But it does!! 😀
root.img changed from 4.1GB to 1.8GB
Delta for no-change: 20MB
Delta from current Fedora 29 to Fedora 30: 633MB

#xdelta #squashfs #fedorabook #fedora #linux

Marco R. doesn't like this.

Schade, dass es noch diese Landbevölkerung 🥚 mit AfD und CSU Wählern gibt.