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Choosing a client for #Android: #Mastalab or #Tusky? They look similar, but Tusky seems to have a more polished UI. What do you use?
@sesivany I tried both briefly and chose #Tusky because it felt much snappier than #Mastalab. I haven't looked in detail though; both looked the same to me and do what I needed them to.

@lkundrak I'm leaning towards Tusky as well just due to the UI feel.

@sesivany I chose #Mastalab because it has more interesting settings and interface looks a bit better than #Tusky.

@sesivany #Tootdon, just because it has the main toolbar AT THE BOTTOM where my thumb can easily reach it. All others have it at the top and it cannot be switched to the bottom. Or can it?

@fuxoft Tusky can't, Mastodon has lots of settings, so it might be hidden somewhere there, but I don't think so.